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How to Increase Rental Yield [Webcast]

Whether you are a brand new investor and have just purchased your first property, or you already have a large portfolio, there are ways that you can increase your rental yield to improve your cash flow.

This video gives you tips you can apply that will help you get more money in your pocket each week. 

Calculating rental yield helps you measure the ongoing return on your investment property or properties and can assist with comparing your property portfolio to other investments.

This webcast gives you lots of helpful tips on how to increase rental yield, including:

  • What is rental yield
  • How to calculate rental yield
  • Eight tips to increase your rental yield
  • The ways you are hemorrhaging money and might not know it
  • How to future proof your income and assets as you grow your property portfolio

Tips to Increase Rental Yields

Nick Lockhart

Nick is the Founder of MRD. Nick is in his element when he is inspiring, mentoring and teaching safe and responsible finance and investment strategies.

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