Politics in the USA

Nick Lockhart
Nick Lockhart
February 3, 2021
Property News
Politics in the USA

Do you ever feel like you are living inside The Matrix; did you see the movie? Things are NOT as they appear; especially politically and economically. If you thought 2020 was a ‘strange’ year, wait until you see what 2021 will deliver!

By way of a DISCLAIMER, my commentary on political and economic events are my personal opinions. They don’t reflect the opinions of MRD Partners, its employees or servants.

Ordinarily, one’s personal views are kept privately, away from business. For me, authenticity is more important than revenue or popularity. So if I think something is true and telling you will help, I will.

In numerous newsletters last year I repeatedly claimed that ‘everything’ was about to change. Other than timing (I thought things would have been done and dusted by February), I stand by those claims.

There is a stark contrast between How things appear and How they are. Observing what unfolds throughout February and March will, I suspect, bring clarity that may be lacking today.

Truth wins, so whatever turns out to be, we will soon be enlightened.

The fake inauguration on January 20 and the ‘presidential charade’ playing out in the USA since then was not something I saw coming. I had assumed that by February things would have been done, dusted and the new global financial system operational… but here we are, close but not quite there yet.

When Trump said he was committed to ‘draining the swamp’, I had no idea he meant allowing the entire corrupt system to implode; but that is what it looks like he may be up to.

National governments, world leaders in business, politics, entertainment, the media etc. are in the firing line - with many having already ‘fallen on their swords’ (unreported by the fake media, of course). I sense that Wall Street may soon be dealt a HUGE dose of reality. If/when (?) this happens, your responsibility is simple - DON’T PANIC!

Draining the swamp is global and involves all governments, business leaders and influencers. In fact, many national governments around the world have ‘resigned’ during the past two weeks; largely unreported by the fake media.

Do not hold me to dates, they will only get me in trouble, lol. That said, February looks to be shaping as a very ‘interesting’ month, full of truth-reveals (TBC?).

I expect that by March the changes I predict may be more obvious and reported on; to be confirmed.

Inauguration Dates

The first 18 US presidents were inaugurated every four years on March 4th, but once the new United States of America Corporation replaced the Republic of the United States, and control was seized by a handful of elite globalist bankers, the inauguration date was shifted to January 20th. Abraham Lincoln had stood as an opponent to this plan right up until he was assassinated.

Trump said all along that he was going to take the United States back to a constitutional republic. He said he was taking control away from Washington and giving it back to the people.

Given March 4th was the day presidents were inaugurated before the bankers took over, it looms as a likely date for Trump to be inaugurated as President [of the restored Republic] of the United States.

N.B. On January 20 2021, Joe Biden was inaugurated - but as President of the United States Corporation - which is a bankrupt entity that is now viewed as a hostile, foreign enemy.

I understand that on or about January 11, Trump signed the insurrection Act and handed control of the country over to the Military. If correct, it means the Military are running the country right now.

If not in February, then soon afterwards, I expect to see and hear evidence released to the general public (it’s actually already started). We will hear about the depths of corruption and depravity that have been going on for centuries.

Yes, I absolutely expect, Donald Trump will soon be inaugurated as the 19th President of the Restored Republic of the United States. Ulysses S. Grant was the last (18th) president of the US Republic.

In 1791, the US Congress created the First US Bank. It was a private company that was partly foreign owned and designed to look after the financial needs of the new central government.

With their financial system in place, the next job was to systematicly take over and control every nation on earth - via debt slavery. From about 1886 up until 2020, the United States was governed by a foreign corporation, known as Washington DC. You may have thought that was a place, but it is actually a corporation - owned by the Vatican and City of London.

That foreign corporation (operating from within US soil) is said to have interfered in the 2020 US elections. According to an Executive Order Trump signed in 2018, I believe those assets have now been seized! Why do you think the fence is up and the troops on the ground?

Once the (global) swamp has been drained and the USA is free of its globalist corporate masters, you and I will be liberated and become the masters of our own destinies. The change that’s coming to the USA will flow out to the rest of the world.

Expect a new government all around the world, incl. here in Australia. Forget Liberal vs. Labor, or party politics. If my take on things is correct, we will soon see:

Expect ‘EVERYTHING’ will change.

I could go on, but won’t. Suffice to say… don’t be caught with your ‘pants down’.

I encourage those in a position to invest wisely to take advantage of what’s coming. Change may be inevitable but how you respond isn’t!

When this goes down, will you be on the winning side?

Nick Lockhart

Nick Lockhart

MRD Property Expert
Nick is the Founder of MRD. Nick is in his element when he is inspiring, mentoring and teaching safe and responsible finance and investment strategies.

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